Course Description

Vocal Engagement is all about harnessing your voice to create better results in sales, customer service or any vocal only interaction.

People are so busy and distracted these days and they don’t have time to mess around. Learn how to use your tone to influence those on the other end of the line. Through vocal variety you’ll build interest and hold your prospect’s attention.

We’ll also teach you how to build vocal rapport so that you deepen connection and further the relationship.

Lastly, we’ll teach you how to make your words do more of the heavy lifting. By ensuring your script or content are engineered to engage the mind of your prospect.

This training is perfect for quickly onboarding new reps and engagifying those that already work with you.

Get a higher return on your interactions by training your team in Vocal Engagement

Founder and CEO of Engagify

Anders Boulanger CSP

Ever since the age of 5 Anders has been on stage performing. He started out with a fisher-price magic set. That passion for performance grew and enabled him to make a living for performing all of his life. As the Founder and CEO of Engagify, Anders leads a team of elite trade show presenters who capture and hold attention, communicate the client's mission critical messaging and motivate attendees to action. All of that in one of the most distracted environments imaginable, a trade show. He and his team have codified engagement and now train sales and marketing teams how to command attention and deepen connection.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Meet Your Trainer

    • Welcome to Vocal Engagement

  • 2

    Why Vocal Engagement

    • The Challenges and Why We Need Vocal Engagement

  • 3

    Vocal Mechanics

    • How the Voice Works

    • Breathing

    • Test your learning

  • 4

    Vocal Elements

    • Introduction to the Vocal Elements

    • Vocal Elements: Pace

    • Vocal Elements: Intonation

    • Vocal Elements: Pitch

    • Vocal Elements: Modulation

    • Vocal Elements: Volume

    • Vocal Elements: Tone

    • Test Your Learning

  • 5

    Warm-Ups, Exercises and Voice Work

    • Why Warm-Up

    • Reasonators Vocal Warm-Up

    • Articulation Excercises and Warm-Up

    • Vocal Maintenance

  • 6

    Vocal Rapport

    • What is Rapport?

    • Closing Tones for D (DISC)

    • Closing Tones for I (DISC)

    • Closing Tones for S (DISC)

    • Closing Tones for C (DISC)

    • Test your learning

  • 7

    How You Say It

    • Emphasis and Meaning

    • Emphasis Exercise #1

    • Tonal Totems

    • The Effect of Physicality

    • Word Emphasis Exercise #2

  • 8

    What You Say

    • Impactful Language

    • NeuroEngagement: SAVEU

    • Persuasive Prose

    • Test Your Learning

  • 9

    Next steps

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...