Course Description

Your company's success at a trade show is highly dependent on the skills and work ethic of your booth staff.  Understanding  and following trade show booth best-practices can give your company the edge on the competition. 

Empower your booth staff to learn how to engage booth visitors and create leads. 

This easy-to-consume training can be done on any device while your team waits at the airport to go to the show. 

Founder and CEO of Engagify

Anders Boulanger CSP

Ever since the age of 5 Anders has been on stage performing. He started out with a fisher-price magic set. That passion for performance grew and enabled him to make a living for performing all of his life. As the Founder and CEO of Engagify, Anders leads a team of elite trade show presenters who capture and hold attention, communicate the client's mission critical messaging and motivate attendees to action. All of that in one of the most distracted environments imaginable, a trade show. He and his team have codified engagement and now train sales and marketing teams how to command attention and deepen connection.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Engagify Exhibitor Training

    • What's at Stake

    • Engaging Booth Visitors

    • Welcoming Exhibit Guests

    • Eliminating Barriers and Creating Connection

    • Test Your Learning

  • 2

    Bonus Section

    • Selling in the Trade Show Envirionment

    • More resources for you


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