Course Description

Elite Presentation Training for Engineers, Brand Evangelists and Sales People

Sales Engineers or SEs are known for their technical know-how. They are not known for their charisma and engaging presentations. This training is designed to layer on skills to advance the ability of your SEs to present information in a clear and compelling manner. Presenting for Profits emphasizes making a connection with both the audience and the material that is being presented. Through interactive exercises and by creating an overall awareness to what is currently being done and what is actually possible, Anders will take your SEs... and your profits to the next level.

Founder and CEO of Engagify

Anders Boulanger CSP

Ever since the age of 5 Anders has been on stage performing. He started out with a fisher-price magic set. That passion for performance grew and enabled him to make a living for performing all of his life. As the Founder and CEO of Engagify, Anders leads a team of elite trade show presenters who capture and hold attention, communicate the client's mission critical messaging and motivate attendees to action. All of that in one of the most distracted environments imaginable, a trade show. He and his team have codified engagement and now train sales and marketing teams how to command attention and deepen connection.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    1. Introduction

    • Welcome

    • The PreFrame

  • 2

    2. Scripting

    • It all begins with a script...

    • Your Script

    • What is a VAK mix?

    • 4Mat System Structure

    • Towards Language

    • Opening the Mind (The use of hypnotic language patterns)

  • 3

    3. The Fundamental Five

    • Fundamental Five Intro

    • Attention

  • 4

    4. Rapport

    • Rapport

    • Rapport Excercises

    • Rapport Part 2 "The Charisma Pattern"

  • 5

    5. The Voice

    • Intro to The Voice

    • The Voice Part 2

    • Vocal Warm-Up Excercise Recording

    • Articulation Excercises

    • Articulators Warm-up

  • 6

    6. The Heart

    • Heart

    • Heart and Congruence Excercises

    • Congruence, Conviction and Heart

    • Cultivating Charisma

    • Your Charisma Assignment

  • 7

    7. The Body

    • Energy and Body

    • Walking on stage

    • The Circle of Excellence

    • Circle of Excellence Instructions

    • Power Poses

  • 8

    Stage Craft

    • Anchoring the Stage

    • Entrances and the big V

    • Areas of the Stage

    • Areas of the Stage Diagram

    • Costuming and Wardrobe

  • 9

    Delivery and Rehearsal

    • Rehearsing Your Presentation

    • The Presenter Mindset

    • Illusion of the first time/ Giving meaning to your words

    • Transformation Mechanisms

    • What are your stories?

  • 10


    • Recommended Reading

    • Presenter Gear